Accommodation Services

About Accommodation Services

SweOffshore provides offshore accommodation services with the highest safety and quality standards.

We have a strong focus not only on safety and quality, but also on the ability to stay at sea in windy days. This is possible because we only operate vessels that can cope with the harsh environment of the North Sea. As always on a SweOffshore vessel the comfort is great, the food is healthy and tasty and there is always plenty of leisure activities for the hours off.

Our accommodation offering is based on

  • Providing a full service concept
  • Being the best in class on safety and quality
  • Providing additional services to increase comfort on-board
  • Proprietary Information System for monitoring and control of operations
  • Providing the basis for your people to work as efficient as possible
  • Secure as many operational days as possible

Our fleet

Regina Baltica

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Built 1980, refurbished 2012-2014
Dimensions 145m x 25m
POB Up to 300 in single cabins
Op. days 30-45
Extra Helicopter landing platform
Extra Offshore bunker station

Moby Corse

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Built 1978, refurbished 2015
Dimensions 152m x 26m
POB Up to 250
Op. days 30-40
Extra Boat landing
Chartered 2014-2015

Patria Seaways

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Built 1991, refurbished 2015
Dimensions 154m x 24.3m
POB Up to 100
Op. days 30-40
Extra Boat landing
Chartered 2015